You can remove lily pollen from fabric

Did you know: you can remove lily pollen from fabric with sticky tape?

The key is to act quickly! Firstly, do not touch the lily pollen – apart from potentially staining your fingers, further ingraining the pollen into the garment, or spreading the pollen to other surfaces, the natural oils in our skin can cause the stain to set. Shake the garment to allow any loose pollen to fall off, and then carefully apply the sticky side of the tape to the pollen-affected area. Only come into contact with the surface very gently as pressing down too hard might ingrain the pollen into the fabric. You may need to repeat this a few times.

Another trick is to hover a vacuum cleaner over the area – but do not touch the fabric directly, as this too might press the lily pollen into the fabric. If there is still a stain once you have removed the pollen, soak the garment, changing the water a couple of times, and then try using a pre-wash stain remover before washing according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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I always cut out the pollen as soon as the flower opens I have had too many disasters !
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