Ruckus - Behind the fun

Behind the scenes: New Ruckus range

The Adairs style team tell us what it’s like to style and shoot an exciting new range!

Designed for teens to twenty-somethings, the new Ruckus range is all about choice, colour and fun! So when it came to photographing the new range, the style team wanted this message to be first and foremost.

Location, location

When approaching the Ruckus shoot the team wanted to create a real-life, in situ look so that people could really get a feel for how the product would look in their homes. So they took the shoot on location, to actual bedrooms, rather than in a studio, which is where a new range is normally photographed.

“Because it was a house, positioning the cameras was a bit tricky, but we were really happy with the real-life result we got,” says Adairs Style Team member, Andrea.

It’s playtime!

Just like the Ruckus range, the shoot was fun and playful.

“We change a set two or three times before getting it just right for photographing,” Andrea explains. “The Ruckus range is designed to be mix and match, and in addition the quilt covers are fully reversible, so there was even more scope for change on this shoot!

“We had a lot of fun when it came to choosing which parts and combinations of the range to show.”

Be prepared!

Before even getting to photography stage, the Adairs style team puts in hours of planning and pre-production work. They meet several times to discuss the best way to photograph the range, and many ideas are discussed and discarded along the way before the brief is agreed on. But the end result, all agree, is well worth it!

“The shots turned out to be really beautiful,” says stylist Beck Simon. “'The designs are vibrant and fun, and should really appeal to the teen market.”

Find out more about the Ruckus range.

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