Bring Back your favourites (BBYF)


Behind the scenes: Bring Back Your Favourites

We asked, you told, we listened! The eight popular bed linen designs we offered to bring back have been shared, liked, voted on, and now the results of the Bring Back Your Favourites campaign are finally in store!

The clear winner of the campaign was Home Republic’s Vintage Washed bed linen. In fact it was so popular we brought back two colours that had sold out: coal and white. And because the demand was so high, we added three new colours to the range – lemon, tangerine, and duck egg – so now there’s even more of a good thing to choose from!

What’s old is new…

You can imagine our excitement behind the scenes at the photo shoot. The old favourites and their new friends were piled in cheeky proximity for the first time on the bed for their big day in. Our creative team was primed for action, ready to do justice to one of our most popular products.


And it’s popular for a reason. The Vintage Wash range is pre-washed to create softness and an approachable, lived-in look. Because it’s linen, this range has a lovely, lightweight texture, but it’s durable, too – actually linen is twice as durable as cotton. If looked after properly, this bed linen will last for decades, becoming softer and softer the more it’s washed.

Cue the drumroll…

And the other favourite we’re bringing back? It’s the Deck Chair Stripe quilt cover and pillowcases, which we photographed with the Vintage Washed linen range because they go together so beautifully. Adding such bold colour created styling options is innovative, new and exciting. Exploring these options really is the fun of the day!

Note how the team start with a beautiful product and style it up with props and lighting to show you just how good our bedlinen can look! The idea is to showcase the bedlinen in a way that our customers might not have thought about, and to give them an idea of how it might look in their home. Here’s the end result…


We hope you like it as much as we do!

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