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Behind the scenes: Beauty Sleep by Sleep Lab Launch Campaign


In August 2013 Adairs launched a revolutionary new product: Beauty Sleep by SleepLab.

Beauty Sleep is a world first in Australian home textiles – and textiles around the world. It’s made from Tencel®, known for its breathing properties, and it contains Chitosan, a substance which has excellent moisture enhancing, cell regulation, skin protection and antibacterial effects.

Which means that this extraordinary new product actually hydrates your skin while you sleep! A fact not lost on media, who were treated to an advance viewing of the line at its launch in Sydney. Here’s a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes!


Cosmetically advanced bedlinen

It’s not hard to see why we love this exciting new product, which is available exclusively at Adairs. Here’s what the experts have to say:

“Our scientists have developed innovative manufacturing techniques that allow the TencelC® fibre to withstand regular washing without losing its cosmetic properties,” explains Dr Susanne Jary, Head of Global Home Textiles marketing at Lenzing, the leaders in fibre innovation. “This bed linen is so cosmetically advanced that it can actually aid skin respite, regeneration and restoration whilst you sleep.”

In other words, it’s a beauty routine you can do with your eyes closed!

Exclusive to Adairs

“In the end it was a fantastic launch, but it nearly wasn’t so,” says one of the event organisers. “The courier was supposed to arrive with a bed for us to put the sheets on at 10am, allowing us two hours to set up for the launch. But when he hadn’t arrived by 11.45am, we had to go into plan B mode! To compound the situation, the lifts broke down, so we all had to run up and down the stairs, and a vase with flowers was knocked over, spilling water on the sheets!

“But we rallied – the sheets were ironed and dried, and draped over a table, which allowed the journalists to touch and feel them, which would have been harder if they had been on a bed. So it all turned out perfectly, though we all joked that we definitely needed our beauty sleep that night!”

Beauty Sleep by SleepLab is available exclusively at Adairs. Find out more about this revolutionary new product.

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