Adairs and Make-A-Wish

We are delighted to announce the new collaboration between Adairs and Make-A-Wish. Make-A-Wish gives very sick children and teenagers hope for the future, strength to face the challenges of their illness, and joy from their incredible wish experience. A wish experience can be life-changing for a child with a life-threatening medical condition.


As part of the partnership, we teamed up with three of the Make-A-Wish kids, who designed three special Adairs Kids Text Pillowcases for us. Proceeds (excluding GST) from the sale of these products will be donated to Make-A-Wish.


Meet Adairs Make-A-Wish Kids:




Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, Dakota (aged 14) wished to develop her photography skills on the Great Barrier Reef. Dakota selected this as her wish because she wanted something that incorporated all of her family, since they were such a big part of her medical journey. Her family have always talked about going to the Great Barrier Reef, but hadn’t quite managed to get there…until now!


Dakota thought it would be really cool to feature the Great Barrier Reef in her design, with all the beautiful coral and undersea creatures. She loved working with the Adairs design team for tips on how to make her design bright and colourful. 







Ned aged 10 is living with cystic fibrosis. He wishes to go on a camping adventure in the Northern Territory. Ever since he was a little boy he's been fascinated with Aboriginal Culture and the Australian Outback, in particular Aboriginal art. 


Ned's inspiration for his pillowcase design came from his impending trip to Uluru. He was imagining what animals he would see in and around the rock, near the waterholes and in the grasses and trees.  






Aged 12, Brianna wished to be an event manager, and in July 2016, her wish came true. Breanna managed a fairytale-themed, black-tie Gala Ball for Make-A-Wish, with over 800 people attending and raising over $130,000, so many more seriously-ill kids could receive the healing power of a wish.


Breanna’s drew inspiration for her pillowcase from her favourite elements from the Gala Ball and her favourite fairytale – Cinderella. In fairytales, dreams do come true, just like Breanna’s wish.




Six families around Australia will sit in a doctor's office today and be told their child has a life-threatening medical condition. Their lives will change in an instant. Its unimaginable. Yesterday another six families received this news, and tomorrow there will be six more. By the end of the year, over 2,000 Australian children and teenagers will have been told that they must spend their days in and out of scary hospitals,and miss out on the everyday pleasures of childhood. As limitations are placed around these children’s lives, things start to disappear. Their smiles, their hope for the future and their own self-belief.


Enter Make-A-Wish Australia. 


At Make-A-Wish, they believe in the healing power of a wish. By putting the power back in the hands of these children and allowing them to regain some control, Make-A-Wish can reignite their sense of hope and imagination, and give them strength to battle their illness.


They work with each child one-on-one, delving into their imagination, taking them on a carefully designed journey where they anticipate and experience their most cherished wish coming true.

The wishes of these children are truly amazing. From seeing snow for the first time, to training with a favourite footy team, or seeing a unicorn fly; each wish is as unique as the imagination of the child who makes it. And, in bringing these wishes to life, the impossible becomes possible for these really sick kids and teens.


​To purchase your special Make-A-Wish foundation pillowcase and give back to such a great cause. please click here

​We would also like you to watch a short video where you can see the children designing their pillowcases from scratch please click here





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