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Bec Douros shares her ‘rule of 3’ for styling a space without clutter

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Looking for ideas and inspiration for styling a room? Wondering where to start? You’ll love our new video series with Bec Douros. In this instalment of Style with Bec, we look at the best place to start when styling a room and create a beautiful Scandinavian inspired living space.

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Winter nights and mornings are sure setting in, especially if you are from Melbourne!  When it comes to winter bedding there are some ways you can ensure you get a good nights sleep without layering the blankets and sleeping with two pairs of socks on. Ensuring that your bedding is right season-to-season is also a way to get a healthy sleep too! As the weather gets colder and the seasons change; annoying things like dreaded allergies kick in but there are special quilts and underlays to help.

My role as Style Ambassador for Adairs has been amazing so far! I have always been a massive fan of the brand and the affordable variety they offer. I have Adairs scattered all over my own home, and loved using them when filming The Block. On Thursday 23rd April from 6-8pm EST I will be taking over the Adairs Facebook page to interact with everyone and answer all your questions about...


Congratulations Kerellen Comiskey! You are the lucky winner of a $1000.00 Adairs gift card as a part of our Feedback ASAP survey. 

Top hints: Refresh your bathroom. 

Simple, low-cost ideas to refresh your bathroom

Create a fresh, colourful look for your bedroom with our bold, geometric designs!

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Our top hints for timeless, neutral and colourful designs for your bedroom.

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I launched my blog ‘The K J Collective’ officially in January 2014, as a chronicle, where I share my daily interiors inspiration, styling and an outlet for my creativity.

Expert styling tips to create your perfect masculine or feminine styled bedroom!

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